When I started Bare Fiction, back in 2013, I had some generous early support in reading submissions for the magazine from these kind folks: Emma Andrew, Branwen Davies, Amelia Forsbrook, Lisa Parry, Tom Wentworth, Shane Morgan, Zoe Gilbert, Christopher Topher, Jane Roberts.

As peoples’ lives went their various ways, Bare Fiction slowly went back to how it started, just myself (Robert Harper) running the whole thing again. It was tough. I didn’t do as a good a job as I needed to.

After five years of the magazine gaining support and positive responses from the UK and beyond, it was time to make a concerted effort at getting my head around how to proceed. So, I give you the new Bare Fiction dream team of assistant editors and readers; poised to help the magazine finish 2018 in style and take us soundly into the future.

Some of the new team have had their work in previous issues of the magazine, so having them want to come back and support Bare Fiction as it progresses is amazing. Equally, there are people on the team who’s names I hadn’t come across before; subscribers and supporters behind the scenes. I truly cannot wait to work with them all.

Robert Harper (Editor)