Bare Fiction was set up to promote new writing in all forms through performance, digital representation and publication. We offer a platform for new creative writing across poetry, fiction and plays to encourage writers who are testing their boundaries to stretch themselves creatively.

BareFiction+BUY-Issue2One of the ways we do this is through our new literary periodical, Bare Fiction Magazine. An 80 page A4 publication comprising of new work in the genres of poetry, fiction and plays, including articles and reviews of writing along with interviews with practitioners that is entirely produced by our team of volunteer editors and contributors. Due to a very successful Kickstarter campaign and pre-orders we raised enough money to enable the first issue to be printed in a limited run of 500 copies. We also produced a digital pdf version of the magazine and designed promotional postcards across the three genres.

The response to our magazine has been very positive across the board, with a huge amount of support coming from writers, editors, broadcasters and outlets. Here are a few of them:

“Loved Issue 1. Excellent reading. Recommended.” Brett Evans, editor of Prole.



“Support Bare Fiction. It deserves to be read.” Boyd Clack

Due to this support, to outlets like Foyles of London and Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff, and our website enabling sales around the world, our magazine is enabling us to promote new writing to a broad range of people across the UK and beyond. Bare Fiction is also extremely keen to break down the barriers between literature and theatre, poetry and performance; which is why we feel it is so important to not only include theatrical texts in our periodical, but also to produce and perform these texts alongside readings of fiction and poetry at our profile building and fundraising events. This proved a winning combination at our recent event at Gwdihŵ Café Bar in Cardiff, where Gareth Pierce performed Neil Bebber’s short play Breathe at the end of a night packed with readings from a star studded line-up which included Boyd Clack and Rachel Trezise, who teased the audience with a section of her brand new short story, Say Porthcawl, which she has written especially for our second issue. It is our intension to build on this development of new writing and the support we have already received to also produce a minimum of one full length play each year. As our name suggests, it is the uncovering of an unheard voice that is at the heart of what we do; but it is also built into our blood to do this in the most financially and ecologically responsible way. So that just like the best creative writing, which removes all extraneous material to leave you with a precisely constructed, efficient gem; Bare Fiction will bring you excitement through tightly crafted efficiency.