clear cut

by Mara Adamitz Scrupe

Highly Commended in the Bare Fiction Prize for Poetry 2017

  in the ambush in the middle
  of nowhere we go in for low intimacy/ bowels/ duodenum
jejunum  ileum

  we lie close

  in the soil & never call it dirt & after the onslaught
the waste

  we drag our babies in from shoved/ dozed/ from

the way – out – woods (as if they won’t notice our abject
  pointlessness) we waltz back in sickened
  but hopeful/ optimistic as though replanting/ prettifying will cure

our broken hearts  poplar saplings likewise
  valiant volunteer nursed post –

  alongside our Black Birch pair secure/ softening
  the cold slap

  of a backcountry ambush & clear cut hedging we dig

  our holes deeper signifying
signifying remarkable enticements & martyrs once
  happened here here  ruins & bastard colonial

boys burned off the first growth guts awrithe tawny worms’
  immurements entrails thin as stick
  slick as swarm  the bee – keeper’s shim hard – nose

fillers – up

  we look for help & partnership in wild animals’
  eyes/ skimmers – off of scorch & blackened/ grazers –

off the sinewiest/ wooers – up of the supplest shoots

Mara Adamitz Scrupe

clear cut was Highly Commended in the Bare Fiction Prize for Poetry 2017, as chosen by Wayne Holloway-Smith.

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