by Mike Ferguson

I find an air-conditioned place to sit, comfortable
chair, a half-decent magazine, and reading about
the Perambulation of the Town Leat – this
medieval custom of water-bailing in Tiverton – I
hear the increasing grunts of someone approaching
up the corridor to my side. I assume it’s the pace of
his or her stride in this place where all can only
dream of joining in a procession, when he slowly
rounds the open door in a wheelchair, each semi-turn
of the wheels a different struggle in staccato sound.

My wife is elsewhere in the building getting her own
counselling, and when she appears with the walker
but on her own two feet, I lift her up, so to speak,
and make a run for our lives into the street.


Mike Ferguson

Perambulation by Mike Ferguson first appeared in Bare Fiction Magazine Issue 10 (November 2017).

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