Espressos In Ecuador

by Yevgeniy Levitskiy


Pablo, a Beretta-carrying barista
takes my order down
on a rose-colored napkin
with a permanent marker,
and then walks back into
the overcrowded café.

Sitting near the entrance,
men with sun-dried skin
and leather hats wet
the tip of their pinkies
and nod quietly
to themselves.

Across the street, a
woman in a flower-print
dress pushes a red
wheelbarrow filled
with headless chickens,
their white feathers
disappearing into the
humidity like rain water.

Pablo comes out
the café with
my espresso on a
porcelain saucer,
and places it softly
on the wooden, yet

wobbly, table. Caramel-
colored and hot, the
espresso makes my
perspiration even worse,
but I don’t mind my condition.

I raise my hand
to call Pablo, and
as he walks towards
me, I can’t decide
whether to get a refill
or try a slice of
the candied squash
for dessert.


Yevgeniy Levitskiy

Espressos in Ecuador by Yevgeniy Levitskiy first appeared in Issue 1 of Bare Fiction Magazine (December 2013).

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