It’s been great having submissions open all year round and seeing the number of submissions increase each month. Of course that means it takes more time to read all those submissions but that’s the exciting part about launching a literary magazine – you get to read all this great stuff. The frustrating bit is not being able to share every great poem, story or play with our readers because there just isn’t space in the magazine and so we have to choose from the hundreds we get sent for each issue.

With only three issues being printed a year and trying to work my voluntary role as editor around other commitments, I’ve been frustrated at having to keep folks waiting for a decision on whether we are going to print their work. Having four months between deadline dates has meant that some writers that get their subs in very early have had to wait far too long for a decision. This hasn’t felt good from our end and I can’t imagine the wait has felt very positive from your angle either.

If you didn’t catch the note I made on social media a week or so back about our change from all year round submissions to submission windows, then this is a note to tell you about that change more clearly I guess. We’ll have shorter submission windows which will be much more in advance of the publishing date than has been the case to now. This will help us plan our future issues much better and should mean that your work isn’t tied up for too long in the waiting game.

So a little reminder that general magazine submissions close this Friday, 5th September. We will open up a short submission period again in a few months time. Register for our newsletter to be notified of when that happens.

We’ll be making final decisions on the contents of Issue 4 over the next couple of weeks and will be in touch with all those who have submitted work to us.

In the meantime, if you fancy a chance at winning one of our Bare Fiction Prizes in our inaugural writing competition for poetry, flash fiction and short story then take a look at our competitions page.

Thanks for your continued support of the magazine. It’s a privilege to get to read your work.

Robert Harper

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