Bare-Fiction-Magazine-Issue-3-CoverAs my daughter might say, “Oops, I did a bad.”

Getting issue 3 of Bare Fiction Magazine ready and to the printers took longer than it should have done; a combination of juggling a massive workload on the issue along with not being able to pay people for their help and/or contributions to the task (meaning I do most of it myself). The knock on of that is that the issue has been at the printers during the awkwardness of the summer holidays and it will now be going out to subscribers and pre-order customers during the last week of August.

To be precise, it’ll be with me on August 26th and print copies will go out that day or the next. The digital PDF edition will be emailed out on the 27th.

I think, when you get your hands on a copy, you’ll all agree that issue 3 is far easier on the eye. I’ve made a number of small improvements to the layout to give more space around the text and make the flow of the pages much better. So, please be patient, those wonderful 80 pages of poetry, fiction, plays and articles will be with you very soon.

Robert Harper


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