By way of an attempt to explain why issue 3 of the magazine is going to be out slightly later than planned, I thought I’d share some interesting statistics with you regarding the number of writers submitting to the magazine versus those being accepted.

As you will see from the interactive infographic below, the submission numbers for the magazine have gone up considerably which is fantastic. This also means of course, that it takes much longer to process the submissions. Alas, though I do I have some much needed help from my amazing volunteers associate editors in selecting the work for publication, the rest of it lays on my shoulders. I love it, but it takes up a huge amount of time and just like Shane, Lisa, Amelia, Tom, Branwen & Emma, I give my time in support of new writing and the magazine for no financial reward.

Who knows, maybe one day things will be different. Meanwhile, I’m going to keep publishing excellent poetry, fiction, plays, reviews and interviews regardless.

Thanks for your support.

Robert Harper (Editor)


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