Quoting Clay Shirky on “Cognitive Surplus”
And not for the first time.

The range of hospitality options is bewildering
I sit drinking the house wine.

An eighties soundtracks plays loudly over the tannoy voice.
“Your gate has changed, Mr. Parker please proceed to your flight.”

The Wifi is down and we twiddle our opposable thumbs
In the loneliness of our company.

For everything breaks; broke; was broken.
Light fitting; internet connection; heating system.

Quoting Richard Florida on the “Creative Classes,”
The over-design of proprietary things.

The tailfins of blue-bodied KLM Boeings
Remind me of budgerigars on a pet shop perch.

I sit drinking the house wine
Wondering if this will be the flight where my heart will stop,

That one day, slumped in a window seat
The plane will empty except for my corpse.

I do not want my life measured in air miles,
The original thoughts of an evening in Novotel Bruxelles.

Envisaging a life with excess baggage
Able to travel without need of a boarding pass.

Quoting Malcolm Gladwell on “the Tipping Point,”
The stranded lay waiting for their boarding call.

Gate D57 is as far away as ever.
I sit drinking the house wine.


Adrian Slatcher

Impressions Between Places by Adrian Slatcher first appeared in Issue 2 of Bare Fiction Magazine (April 2014).

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