Where Did Beautiful Scar Come From?

Ten years ago I challenged myself to write a play. With no formal training to guide me, I turned to the Internet. I was incredibly fortunate to take two online classes given by a young Brown University graduate, Dan O’Brien (playwright – The Body of An American). Dan was smart, funny and innovative in his writing assignments. Towards the end of our first term, we were asked to write a short play that incorporated three elements: a boot, the sound of people laughing and the line, “I believe you.” On my desk was a copy of Eduardo Galeano’s Book of Embraces. Galeano’s tales from Montevideo, chronicling the life of a political refugee, have haunted me for years. With my deadline looming, I decided to combine my homework with my passion. In homage to Galeano, I placed that boot in a hot, dusty prison cell occupied by a political writer. Outside his cell, he hears the sound of distant laughter. And for the last item, it’s in there. You believe me, right?

Thanks, Dan, for being such a great teacher and making homework fun.

BareFiction+BUY-Issue2* Kathy Rucker’s play, Beautiful Scar, is printed in Issue 2 of Bare Fiction Magazine (April 2014).

Read Robert Harper’s (editor of Bare Fiction Magazine) interview with playwright and poet Dan O’Brien here.


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