Our Common Deception, a short play by Anna Fox, is published in full in issue 1 of Bare Fiction Magazine.

A number of things inspired me to write “Our Common Deception”: my background in poetry, Caryl Churchill’s “Love and Information”, Will Eno’s “Thom Pain (Based on Nothing)” and “Title and Deed”, the stereotypical portrayal of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in society, and the common deceptions we have about everyday life. It can be confusing to live in a paradoxical world where you must plan like you’re going to live to be 103, but also know that you could die in one hour, or one minute. On a practical level, I was inspired by the San Francisco-based project called “31 Plays in 31 Days”, in which anyone can sign up to write a play a day for the month of August. Being held accountable for writing a play everyday was extremely useful, and while 60% of what I wrote either needs to be expanded upon or thrown away, on day 10 I sat down and wrote all of “Our Common Deception”.

I am always checking for listings on http://nycp.blogspot.com/, and found one for the “The Plus One Solo Show Festival” at Manhattan-based Tongue in Cheek Theater. The hardest part of acting in my own piece was turning off my play writing self and focusing solely on embodying the character (which my good friend and director of the piece, Molly Clifford, constantly reminded me of). My experience also reminded me to laugh at how serious and paranoid I can be, and that this paranoia makes other people laugh, in a dark and sort of sad manner. I plan on performing this piece again, maybe at psychological conferences.

Anna Fox 


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