It’s so exciting to get in touch with people to let them know that they’ve been chosen as a lucky competition winner to receive our upcoming launch issue of Bare Fiction Magazine. It’s even more thrilling when they tell us how excited they are.

Peter G Mackie

Peter G Mackie wins a copy of Bare Fiction Magazine

“I am excited about your new launch because I think that the British literary scene needs some new life-blood injected into it at the moment.”

Marie Louise Cookson

Marie Louise Cookson wins a copy of Bare Fiction Magazine

“As a writer myself, I’m really looking forward to reading the very first issue of Bare Fiction. I think it’s great that it will feature not only poetry, fiction and essays but plays, too.”

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell wins a copy of Bare Fiction Magazine“What I love about literary magazines is the creative platform they provide writers with, and regardless of what background you come from, so long as you make the words on the page count, you know you can make a difference and really connect with your audience. Literary magazines are a MUST for budding writers, they share your stories and ideas, and hopefully act as a springboard towards a successful literary career.”

Meredydd Barker

corrected“It’s great that there’s going to be a magazine that isn’t hung up on genre. I’m really looking forward to reading something that every writer needs to get behind because it’s for the writer and the reader. Both have a new friend in Bare Fiction.”

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