First Class, a short play by Ellen Koivisto, is published in full in issue 1 of Bare Fiction Magazine.

When I wrote the piece, in response to the prompt, “when pigs fly,” I decided to take the idea both literally and figuratively.  I love the image of a pig flying in a pristine first-class seat, but I was also curious as to how many ways we identify human behaviors as being pig-like.  So I began rounding up examples of humans in pig clothing.  We call someone a pig who is a slob, a male chauvinist is a sexist pig, the 99% call the 1% capitalist pigs, there’s the classist swine, there’s the fat pig…pigs take the rap for a lot of very bad human behaviors.

As I worked through the piece, the other thread that kept coming up was the “grab everything you can” relationship we humans have to the planet. In the developed world, each individual uses far more resources than the earth can provide in any sustainable way.  In this sense, in relationship to the biosphere, humans are the true “pigs”. We are trained to consume, to fatten ourselves on stuff, to grab [insert current hot item here] to make our lives worth living and there’s a new thing to grab every week.  We are flying first class in a ship of fools.

And, always, I try to give actors roles that are fun to play.  A role where you can throw food, use accents, and make gross body noises is usually a fun role.

Ellen Koivisto

First Class had a staged reading at Playground, directed by Katja Rivera, and was a finalist in the Manhattan Theatre Source Estrogenius Festival. There have been no productions to date.

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